Programs & Curriculum


6 Weeks to 6 Months & 7 Months (crawling) to 12 Months

We believe that learning begins at birth. Our infants are greeted each day with a warm, loving environment which fosters a positive self-image and emotional security that will last a lifetime. Our bright and spacious infant rooms include age appropriate activities and toys that will stimulate your child’s senses and curiosity. The activities performed each day help develop cognitive, language, sensory, social, emotional, and physical skills needed for healthy learning. Preparing your child for success is the inspiration for everything we do at Kids’ Zone. To meet the needs of our infants, we have created two rooms. This allows the crawlers to explore their world in a greater capacity.

Young, Middle, & Older Toddlers

12 Months (walking) through Two Years

Toddlers are special in their own way! As their independence grows, so does their curiosity about the world. Our low ratio along with our unique blend of care and education fosters exploration, self-control, and social skills, with continued support for the emotional needs of your young child. Our program gives them the chance to build their fine and gross motor skills with developmentally appropriate toys, equipment, and daily indoor and outdoor activities. Our program is designed to create a strong foundation that can be built upon.


Curious Learners

Twos are insatiably curious about the world around them. Even though they still need a lot of attention to their personal needs, two-year olds are beginning to grow quite independent. During this phase of their development, their language, mobility, and motor skills are advancing rapidly.

The Kids’ Zone program for twos is designed to enhance their development during this stage. Children are encouraged to join in activities such as singing songs, listening to stories and nursery rhymes, doing art work, and building social skills through directed indoor and outdoor play.


Active Learners

Kids’ Zone understands that your child’s first years are crucial to their future achievements. Your three-year old is growing from a young child into an independent and active learner.

Our curriculum for threes is structured to prepare your child for their upcoming Pre-K year. To provide a solid foundation, each child will have opportunities to enhance social, physical, and emotional skills through dramatic play while learning basic academic skills.



Phonics-based Curriculum with Structured Learning

Kids’ Zone utilizes a Pre-K program that develops our student’s skills necessary to make the important transition into Kindergarten. Our mission is to prepare your preschooler by using a curriculum with structured learning activities along with interactive play times. The Pre-K program establishes specific achievement goals for the students with assessments of each child throughout the year to ensure that they are progressing appropriately.

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After School Care

Care that Counts

Our After-School program is designed to support and care for children at Kids’ Zone before/after their normal school day. We provide daily assistance with homework, meals and provide structured activities. Our program is also conveniently available for school holidays and early release days.

Camps for School Age Children

Themed Camps for Summer & More!

Throughout the summer, we offer different themed camps for our school age children. Campers can choose to attend one or multiple camps. Each week will include a variety of themed activities such as a movie day, arts and craft, water (swimming) day and much more. Summer drop-ins are welcome for students who have enrollment forms on file. Additional camps are offered during fall, winter, and spring breaks for school age children.

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