Our Philosophy

As a parent, your most important priority is the well-being of your child. Through research and personal experience, we know the first five years of a child’s life are a time of incredible growth and development which lays the foundation for what’s ahead. A consistently nurturing and enriching environment early on fosters a quest for learning that will follow a child throughout his or her lifetime.

At Kids’ Zone, your level of confidence in your child’s care is vital to us. You can rely on us to bring wonder and joy to your child’s day, so you are able to go about your day with the confidence that your child is happy and thriving. Our family environment provides a home away from home experience that you can feel good about and that eases the transition between home and school.

While academics is important, it’s not the only consideration when choosing the best early learning program for your child. We prize small classroom size and the ability to recognize a child’s strengths and challenges and to tailor programs that align with your child’s individual social, emotional and intellectual developmental needs, accordingly. We strive to provide an engaging and loving environment where children learn to become self-sufficient, responsible individuals who can think both critically and creatively. Our multi-cultural staff and students ensure your child is prepared for a global world.

And because we’re an independently owned learning center without national affiliations, we can provide our families with the best value in an affordable child care program. We invite you to come take a tour and see how nurturing and learning go hand in hand at Kid’s Zone!

Our Vision: To be an early childhood learning center of excellence where our children and teachers thrive. 

What Parents Say...

“Kids Zone in East Cobb is absolutely amazing. Both of our daughters, who are now 3.5 and 18 months attend here. The entire staff is very attentive and loving towards the kids. The owners are very involved in the operation. The staff knows each and every parent and you get the sense that you are one big, happy family. The curriculum is amazing and my daughters are learning and growing so well. They have a plethora of extracurricular activities for the kids and they plan lots of holiday parties, and lunches with the families. My husband and I are very fortunate to have found such an amazing environment for our daughters.”
– W.I.

“Both of our daughters, ages 3.5 and 1.5, attend Kids’ Zone 5 days a week. We are extremely happy with the care our daughters receive, as well as the facilities, teachers and owners of the daycare. You will not find a better daycare in the area, regardless of how much extra you are willing to spend. Truly the best value you will receive and have a piece of mind knowing that your little ones are very well taken care of. The two other daycare places nearby charge anywhere between 20%-40% more for essentially the same services, and in my opinion and personal experience, we are much happier with Kids’ Zone. I highly recommend it!”
– G.I.

“I’m so glad Jordan’s doing well! Kids’ Zone has really been a blessing to us. In just three days, Jordan has developed his walk-in routine. Tues, Wed and today on the way in, he kissed the rabbit, kissed the frog, kissed three smiley faces then went in and looked for the binoculars. Today he actually started on the way to the class room without me. That’s so encouraging to me because my heart is to be home with him and it would be even more difficult if he didn’t seem to truly enjoy Kids’ Zone. Thank you for opening such a caring place.” 
– S.H.

“I am so grateful for Kids’ Zone. We recently relocated from Douglasville, GA where my daughter attended a small at-home daycare. And, I’ll admit that I had my reservations about enrolling her into a formal daycare. But, I can honestly say that from the first day that Helene gave me a tour of the facility, I knew this place was genuine. The staff truly loves the children, and I’m amazed at how much my 2 year old daughter is learning-from Spanish to shapes, colors, numbers, and animals. I am constantly impressed. She likes it here so much that she mentions her teachers’ names when she says her prayers at night. If you are looking for a place where your child will be safe, happy, and challenged intellectually, Kids’ Zone is the place!” 
– D.D.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Helene at Kids’ Zone upon moving to Georgia from New Jersey. A mom of two little ones, I needed a place that my children would love and I could earn experience with a new Pre-K class in a new state.  Upon entrance, I was enamored with what I feel is the best daycare facility I have seen hands down with an environment that is as inviting as it is impressive.  My children, who do not acclimate to new environments easily, instantly approved of their new classroom and teachers. They enjoyed their time at Kids’ Zone!  It has been a few years that they have began elementary school now and they still ask to go back to visit Kids’ Zone!  For me, it was more than a job. It felt more like our second home. As an educator, what I especially appreciated was the freedom to explore and expand on the curriculum! Many of the other centers I visited had a cookie cutter manual from which one could not deviate. Mrs. Helene invited the multisensory hands on learning I love to use! For an educator with little ones, it’s a great place to work with peace of mind that your child or children are in good hands. For an infant to Pre-K boy or girl, it’s your fun and pristine learning lab!”
– G.R.

“Last December we moved from North Carolina to Georgia and my son (just turned 4 at the time) left the loving daily one on one care he received by my mom ever since he was 3 months old and had to start going to daycare.  This change was very difficult for myself and my son.  We toured and viewed many schools and decided on one close to the center of Marietta over Kids’ Zone b/c we thought it was slighter cheaper but as nice as Kids’ Zone.  After three days we pulled our son out of that place (b/c of hidden cost of buying the supplies and food, etc. and a TERRIBLE teacher experience) and frantically called Kids’ Zone.  They accepted us with open arms and I am so thankful they did. My son did not adjust well to daycare at first.  He didn’t do the normal holding onto my leg, “please don’t go mom”…..he was pretty good with the drop off.  It was his behavior after I left.  He had melt downs, not towards kids, but at himself.  He wouldn’t know how to express his emotions and he would hit himself in anger.  The owner, Ms. Helene, and I sat down many times and she gave me great pep talks and wonderful suggestions of how to help my son succeed.  The love and patience of Ms. Helene, her family (family owned and operated), and teachers (especially 3 year old teacher Ms. Kristen and preschool teacher Ms. Mandi) showed me and my son are beyond words.  Now my son is doing fantastic and is confident in himself, plus to top it off, he is reading words before preschool!” 
– K.R.

“I searched for a daycare for my son and found Kids Zone Marietta when he was just 2 years old. He is now almost 4 and I can’t say enough good things about this school and the people who work there. The director Tiffany is very attentive and she is always willing to help. While my son was at this school they went under new management, and while I was concerned about dealing with change, I can honestly say that I am so glad my son is at this school. The new managers have made some very positive changes. They encourage the children to eat balanced meals that they prepare onsite. They have also added some very good activities to the curriculum including swimming, karate, music class and ceramics. My son is thriving and I can’t say that he would be if he was at another daycare because we interviewed many before choosing this one. I am so grateful to the staff for the work they do each day and the positive impact they have had on my son.” 
– A.G.

“My daughter has been in Kid’s Zone for 3 years, since she was an a infant. The school has excellent management, teachers, staff and facilities. It offers a caring, fun, clean and skill-encouraging environment that the children enjoy and the parents can rest assured their child is well cared for. Thank you all for taking such good care of our sweet Kinley!” 
– K.T.

“My son moved from another country around 3 and went to Kids’ Zone after trying couple days cares in the neighborhood. The teacher Mrs. Nichole is very considerate and caring, and help my son to integrate into the class gradually and make friends. That approach provides a secure way for him to feel comfortable. Also the owner and director are very responsive and act accordingly to any question we raise. I feel the key differentiator of Kidszone is the teachers and employees there are building a strong and intimate relationship with the kids. It makes kids feel safe and relaxed in the environment.”
– H.R.

My son attended Kids’ Zone several years ago when he was 2-4 years old. I found the teachers of his classes to be attentive and understanding and they cared for him very well. I really liked the owner as she was very approachable. My son also seemed very happy here and he loved his teachers. My only complaint is the lack of communication between the morning and afternoon teachers. Overall, I would recommend this center and I would definitely use it again for any future children of mine.
– E.R.