Frequently Asked Questions

We are open extended hours every day from 6:30am-6:30pm.

All meals, which includes a hot breakfast and lunch, together with 2 snacks are prepared and served every day.

Teaching curriculum includes Spanish classes, Music through MusiCanopy (includes free parent access through mobile app), library visits once per month for our three-year old and Pre-K students, and electronic communication and daily sheets (also included free for parents via mobile app).

We firmly believe that nurturing and learning are equally important. At this age, children need academic enrichment as well as social/emotional skill development to provide a balance. Therefore, our Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards-based [GELDS] curriculum provides equal emphasis on academic and social/emotional development. The GELDS are a continuum of skills, behaviors, and concepts that children develop throughout this time of life.

For an additional fee, generally paid directly to the program provider, we offer a variety of enrichment activities to meet all interests. We believe in exposing young minds to various disciplines beyond just academics. These are the programs we currently offer:

  • Amazing Athletes – once a week; introduces our students to 9 different sports.
  • Ballet [Kids in Motion] – once a week; children learn ballet and jazz dance.
  • Atlanta Swim Academy – once a week; swim classes for various ages.
  • Tumble Bus – once a week; children learn gymnastics and release energy on a converted bus.
  • Art at Home – once a week; classes in ceramics, craft making, drawing and more.

All meals are cooked and prepared fresh with loving hands in our kitchen. We do not serve pre-processed ready-to-eat meals that are the norm in many centers. The aroma of freshly baked bread or muffins fills our hallways in the morning and parents frequently comment on how good it smells inside!

We are a nut and fish free facility.

For safety reasons we do not allow home packed meals except for students with medical necessities.

We host several holiday parties for parents and extended family to attend. We are your child’s home away from home and encourage family participation in all aspects of children’s growth and development.

We participate in the annual Hero for Heroes fundraising activities.

We visit Atria Senior Care Center with our Pre-K classes for Halloween trick or treating and Christmas caroling.

We encourage our first responders and community helpers to visit our school.

As a small business, we seek out and support other small businesses in our community for services. For example, services such as remodeling and renovation projects, daily cleaning, artwork, decor and design, IT services, portraits and photography, etc. are performed by parents of enrolled students, our very own teachers, or local businesses.

We pride ourselves on having smaller classroom sizes on average than many corporate and franchise schools. Although our classroom ratios are mandated by Georgia standards, our actual classroom ratios are significantly lower than the State requirements for all ages.

We believe that young minds deserve clean, neat and organized classrooms; and to enjoy the great outdoors. Our 2 playgrounds are large and age-appropriate. Our school is fenced and gated with security features – code required to enter school, and each classroom and all playgrounds are monitored by cameras.

No. We are family owned and operated, and proudly independent. This gives us the ability and flexibility to cater to the needs of our community, specifically our students and teachers. Our owners are present at the school on a daily basis and, together with our director, are available to answer your questions.

Our Vision is simple: to be a School of Excellence in early childhood education where our students and teachers thrive. We want to nurture young minds and support our most valuable asset: our teachers.

We are members of GCCA (Georgia Child Care Association) and GQCC (Georgia Alliance for Quality Childcare).